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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.


I’m Whit Broussard and I've abused my hearing the first fifty something years of my life. I’ve shot guns and dirt track raced and never wore hearing protection. The two most used words in my vocabulary were huh and what. I was constantly saying "Would you repeat that". About 10 years ago I went to Cherry Phillips at the Hearing Center. She fit me with Audibel in the canal hearing aids. With her help my hearing has been greatly restored. Thanks Cherry.

Cherry has my permission to use this statement in her advertisement.


Whit Broussard

I cannot express enough thanks to Cherry and The Audibel Hearing Center Cherry worked so hard when it came time for my husband Kenneth Thompson’s new hearing instruments. I used so say hearing aids but not any longer! What Cherry was able to fit my husband with is definitely a “hearing instrument”. It not only has changed my husband’s life but mine as well. He can hear phone conversations, no whistling, no background noise ! The hearing instruments fit his lifestyle and our budget. Cherry was so sweet she called me from her office when she inserted my husband’s new instruments and he could hear me ! Larry and Cherry walked my husband outside helping my him understand what to in noisy situations.

Larry and Cherry even worked around my husband busy work schedule!! They also checked on him the next day to see how he was doing....

We are amazed with Kenneth’s new hearing instruments- Cherry and the Audibel staff are amazing!!!

Thank you.

Date: 01/25/2011

Amy Thompson (wife of Kenneth)

Thanks to Cherry and her wonderful staff for adding better hearing to my world. You have made my transition to hearing aids a very pleasant experience.

I did not realize how wonderful it would be not having to ask everyone to repeat everything or be able to attend a meeting and actually understand what the speaker is saying instead of only catching a word now and then.

I highly recommend The Hearing Center and Cherry to anyone who needs hearing assistance.

Thanks Audibel!

Date: 01/20/2011


Thanks to Cherry, Larry, and Linda. I am new to hearing aids, Cherry determined I had some significant loss on Monday of this week Now on Thursday, I have already noticed things I have not heard in years Thanks to all of you, and Audibel!

Date: 04/29/2010


I am so grateful for the hearing aid lady, Cherry Phillips. She and Audibel hearing aids have so enriched my life. Before I met her, I frequently missed hearing the laughs and cries of my small children. I also seldom heard them when they called for me in the middle of the night to rescue them from a bad dream.

Thankfully, though, a friend of mine told me about the success her mother has had with her Audibel hearing aid from The Hearing Center, and recommended that I make an appointment to have my hearing tested. So I did. Ms. Phillips has modern equipment, and was able to test my hearing accurately. I learned that I have hearing loss in both ears (which I already assumed) and now have a set of digital hearing aids that help me hear the many things that I have been missing. In fact, my girls think I hear too well now! They are so thankful, though, that I can now hear when they call me at night and can dash to their room to slay the dragon when it creeps into their dreams.

Date: 03/05/2010


Great service and friendly, understanding people. Very professional but easy to talk too. Will bring my mother in next.

Date: 02/10/2010

Biggest Saints Fan

Five stars doesn’t begin to tell how incredible these folks are. My new aids have opened a world to me that I have not heard in over 35 years. I have been told by more than one audiologist that nothing could be done for one of my ears and very little for the other. Cherry fitted me with an aid for each ear and the results is remarkable. She has been very patient with me on the follow up visits for the “fine tuning” of the instruments. None of my questions, concerns, or remarks are ignored or considered “silly”. If you will give them the opportunity to serve you, you will find that EVERYONE in the office will treat you as if you are their long lost RICH uncle that is about to die. These folks are GREAT. Enough said!!!

Date: 01/20/2011

Jerry & Bernardine Adams

The Hearing Center Patient Walter Lester is excited to say that after his hearing has been improved with help from Cherry "The Hearing Aid Lady" he can now hear the turkeys in the field. He has had other aids that were not working for him, but with the correct aids and care from The Hearing Center, he can now hear speech on tv and for the first time in 5 to 6 years he can hear the preacher in church.

Thank you Cherry.

Walter Lester

The best part about Audibel hearing aids is now I don't have to ask anyone what's been said or wonder about missing out on parts of a conversation. The very first day I got my hearing aids, I could hear normally again! I am now hearing better than I’ve heard in years!


Lenell Browder

No one is paying me a DIME to say this, nor are they even aware!! BUT IF YOU HAVE A HEARING DISABILITY, do NOT "settle" for the wrong hearing aids!!! I know there are many good brands out there, and here are good clinics to use. This was my SECOND opinion, and I know what to compare my new clinic to.... PLEASE dont hold off getting your FREE hearing screening test at are "like family" and pride themselves in PERSONALIZED service that does NOT stop with the sale!!!! Do yourself a favor and let them bless you with the knowledge you need to make your best decisions!!!

(Testimonial from Rita's Facebook page)


Extremely satisfied with the service and the attention I receive from Cherry and her staff. Much better than the service that I ever got with any other office. The entire staff is dedicated to my hearing and care I have been wearing aids since 1994 and have tried other offices but Cherry has been by far the most attentive and professional of all the people I have seen, I am treated like a person not just another patient. I highly recommend that you give Cherry and the Hearing Center a try!

Date: 01/10/2012


I want to thank Cherry for her true professionalism and care that she has for her patients. I’m a funeral Service professional, and my hearing is very important to me in my work. When meeting with families under such trying time a person just speaks in a lower than normal tone than usual.

I had surgery on both ears and was told by the Dr. it may work and then it may not. If it didn’t I would need hearing aids. I have a binaural hearing loss. I’ve had 4 different aid’s in the past 20 years.

The Audibel Anthem is by far the best I think I have ever hearing aid I used. With the programming you can get with this aid far surpassed anything I’ve ever used With 3 settings for different types of hearing environments a person with a hearing loss may encounter.

Cherry and her staff will work to make sure the aid is fined right and you are comfortable with the hearing aid.

I would recommend the Hearing Center and Cherry to any one for their hearing test and their hearing aid

Date: 09/29/2011

Lewis C.

My husband worked in a factory for 30 years and has suffered with hearing loss. He was tested years ago and was told that hearing aids might now help so we did nothing for a long time. After getting a card in the mail for a free hearing test we decided to try it again. I can still see the look on his face when he could actually hear again and that was only with the test aids. Since his came in our life has so completely changed. We no longer yell from room to room and I do not have to repeat myself over and over. This is a blessing! We also have the TV adapter so it is no longer blaring in our house. WOW what a difference! We THANK you Audibel for your quality product and the kindnesses of your staff! God Bless You All! 

Date: 07/22/2011

DeAnn Griflin (and family) - Calhoun, LA

After many years of hearing problems/loss I finally came to the realization that it was time to get hearing aids. My insurance carrier, Blue Cross/Blue Shield added hearing aids as a covered expense in January 2010. I contacted several vendors only to be told they didn’t accept insurance reimbursement because the paperwork was “more trouble than it was worth”. When I called Audibel - The Hearing Center Larry took the time to listen to my situation and began the process for Cherry to become a vendor with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This process turned into a 2-3 month ordeal and I’m sure anyone else would have given up but not Larry. He hung in there through my initially being approved, denied and approved again. He even went to the trouble of having a representative from Blue Cross/Blue Shield come to The Hearing Center and explain how I could possibly be denied with such an extensive history of hearing problems/loss. As a result of his perseverance, Cherry is now an in-network provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and I am forever grateful to him. Cherry goes out of her way to ensure my instruments are comfortable and as effective as possible for any situation. I highly recommend Audibel - The Hearing Center to anyone with hearing needs.

Date: 04/26/2011


Want to thanks Cherry (Hearing Aid Lady) for the outstanding work she does with me and any problems I run into with my hearing aids and always getting me updates on new products that she comes across that might help me hear better. And Cherry always can work me in to see her with my times limited due to my job as a OTR truck driver and I am hardly ever in town so Cherry make ¡t easy for me to get my stuff done when I come in town.

Been dealing with Cherry (Hearing Aid Lady) for about 14 years now I won’t go anywhere else for me Aids. Just can’t beat the service u get with Audibel and Cherry (Hearing Aid Lady) She the Best I Have ever used for service for my Hearing Aids and Hearing Needs

Thank you Cherry:)

Date: 03/07/2011


I have been a patient of Cherry Phillips for the past 5 and a half years, and I am totally satisfied with the care I have received.  Cherry and her entire team are always professional, but they are also kind, considerate, and genuinely concerned for their patients’ well-being.  I am impressed that Cherry is concerned with my specific needs, and works on them for me.  I never feel like a “number.”  Cherry understands both the science and the human element required in her profession, and makes a huge difference in many lives.


Dr. James B. Potts, Jr.

Audibel The Hearing Center is 60 miles from my home.  There is an Audibel office 20 miles from my home but I prefer the one in Monroe because they treat you like family!  W. N.

W. N.

You are the BEST.  Not only are Audibel hearing instruments a great product, but the personnel at The Hearing Center are expert professionals, courteous and kind.  I always look forward to coming into the office and visiting with my extended ‘family’.


N. Barnhill

Everyone at Audibel The Hearing Center is very pleasant, considerate, thoughtful and patient.  I feel well taken care of.  J. Smith

J. Smith

I’ve never been treated any better in any other office than I have been treated by the staff at Audibel The Hearing Center!  

T. Bunch

I love every one of you!  I can hear!  God bless and take care of each of you!

S. Womack

The staff at Audibel The Hearing Center are very courteous and always have time for me – very friendly!  

B. Smith

My experience at Audibel The Hearing Center has been wonderful!  I really can’t say enough about the staff!  They are always so gentle and always explain everything to me.  They have helped me tremendously!  Barbara Glover

Barbara Glover

When you buy a car, you go to the best.  If you are having hearing problems, you go to Audibel The Hearing Center because they’re the best!  H. Carver

H. Carver

I had always heard about how great Audibel The Hearing Center is – they had been recommended to me several times.  Everyone there is so friendly, nice and helping.  Cherry and Andrew always take the time to answer my questions and address my concerns.  I always look forward to going to my appointments and never leave disappointed!  Martha Miller

Martha Miller

Audibel has caring, understanding staff who exceeded my expectations.  They have the latest in technology and are always available to address any questions I may have.  I would recommend them to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss or who needs to replace existing appliances.

Susan B. Mayeux

I am glad that I didn’t need new speakers for my home theater system after all!  Anonymous


I am very pleased with the kind and professional services provided by the staff at Audibel in Monroe, LA.  They assisted me in obtaining the latest hearing aids that work with the i-phone technology. My hearing has been enhanced, especially on my cell phone!



I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids and the service and friendly atmosphere at Audibel.  I would/will recommend them to everyone!  

Our biggest fan

My experience with Audibel and Cherry Phillips has been most professional and rewarding in the years I have had my hearing aids.

M. Causey

I am truly and completely satisfied with my hearing aids!  The staff is so nice!

Danny P. Simms

My dad has been a patient of Cherry’s and the Audibel center for 8 years.  She and Andrew and the staff there are wonderful!  I knew Dad’s hearing needs had changed and that he would need new hearing aids but I was a little afraid he was at the point where he couldn’t be helped.  I took him in today and found out that he could be helped!  I want you to know that he talked all the way home because he could actually HEAR us!

P. Gulley

I have become so much more aware of the world around me, and the people at The Hearing Center are absolutely precious.

L. James

My mother is absolutely giddy over being able to hear again!  It’s like she’s a school girl again!  I just wanted you to know the joint effort by your staff enabling her to hear again has done wonders for my mom!

A happy son

“My experience with Audibel and their staff has far exceeded my highest expectations regarding service, product, and compassion towards me and my hearing needs.  I recommend Audibel and their staff to anyone needing hearing assistance.” 

Paul J. Binkley, PCLA